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5 Best Craft Beer Drinking Games for Summer

5 Best Craft Beer Drinking Games for Summer
August 18, 2015 thedudesbrew

The summer is still in full effect and that means plenty of cookouts, beach days, picnics and get-togethers where day drinking isn’t just accepted, it’s expected. Nothing makes an awesome gathering even better than a good, old fashioned drinking game. We all know the old standards, like beer pong and corn hole, but if you really want to impress your friends, here are 5 stellar craft beer drinking games you may never have heard of (but you’ll want to try this weekend).


This game involves two poles placed about 50 feet apart. Each team of 2 stands on one side and take turns trying to hit the opposite pole with the Frisbee. Once you do, both players from the other team have to run to a side table and drink a Double Trunk DIPA (or other Dudes’ Brew of choice). You and your partner continue throwing and receive a point for every strike while your opponents are still drinking.

Part of the strategy here is that the people drinking get to fill the cups again for the next round, so they decide how much beer to put in. The more beer, the longer the other team will have to score points. But…there’s also a chance that the same team will be forced to drink again, so filling the cups with less beer may be more tempting. The first team to reach 3 points wins. Seems like a low score, but trust us…it’s harder than you think.

Drunk Jenga

The basic version of this game can be played indoors or outdoors, but Giant Drunk Jenga is much better outside for obvious reasons. The object is to remove a peg from the wooden tower without knocking it down. The basic version involves taking a drink of one of our brews like Kolschtal Eddy Blonde Ale for every peg removed.


This is really just a giant version of beerpong, but it’s loads of fun. What you need is 12 large bins (trash barrels are fine), 12 cups of South Bay Session IPA or CALIFORNIPA and a volleyball. Set up 6 bins on either side, about 10-15 feet apart, arranged in a pyramid pattern with 3 in the back, 2 in the middle and 1 in the front.

To play, each team takes a turn trying to get the volleyball into one of the bins on the other side. If they succeed, the other team must drink and then remove that barrel. The object is to remove all of your opponents’ bins. To make it a little more challenging, players cannot jump and they have to keep their arms and hands behind their own bins. Anyone who breaks the rules has to drink. Cheers!

Drunken Outdoor Twister

All you really need for this game is some temporary spray paint, a twister spinner and enough cans of craft beer to occupy the spots on the “board” (we recommend Blood Orange Amber Ale for this one). The first player to take over a spot on the board claims that drink and must finish it before placing his or her hand or foot on the spot. If someone slips, they have to take 2 drinks.

To put a more challenging spin on things, you can increase the number of drinks required for each subsequent slip. Either way, this game’s pretty damn awesome. It’s also hilarious, so make sure someone’s there to take pictures.

Drinking Darts

This one may be our favorite just because, unlike beer pong and other similar games, you actually get rewarded for accurate shots. That means the object is to drink more rather than avoid drinking (sounds good to us – especially if it’s Grandma’s Pecan). We recommend using a magnetic dart boards to avoid any unplanned visits to the emergency room. You can either purchase a board online or you can make one yourself if you’re crafty enough. Either way, you’re sure to be the one that gets invited to every party.

There you have it. Now get cracking on these awesome games. The weekend is coming fast, dude. Oh, and don’t forget to send us some pics of all the fun you’re having with The Dudes’ Brew included. We may just feature them on our social channels. Cheers!