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5 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

5 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer
October 21, 2015 thedudesbrew
At last check, a 30 rack of domestic beer can be picked up for about $20. Go down the booze aisle of your local convenience store and you’ll see shelves lined with mass-produced imports as far as the eye can see. With all of these options, and many of them nice on the wallet, why would anyone choose to drink craft beer? Well, for starters, you get what you pay for. Still need some convincing? Here are 5 (of the many) reasons you absolutely, positively should drink craft beer instead.

It pairs awesome with food. All kinds of food (We’ll delve into specifics in a later post). And unlike wine, you’re not stuck trying to figure out what foods go best with red and which ones are better with white. Craft beer goes good with everything. C’mon, give in to your inner foodie and grab a cold one.

It’s made with much better ingredients. Sure, the basics are present in every frothy brew: water, hops, barley and yeast. But craft beer uses much higher quality, fresher ingredients. Not to mention the other key ingredients and flavors that are carefully chosen and strategically combined by an experienced, passionate brew master. (Blood orange, anyone?) The result is a much better quality, tastier beer.
You have more options. Like a higher ABV level? Prefer your beer sweeter, nuttier, darker, lighter, hoppier, *insertadozenmoredjectiveshere*? Craft beer comes in so many different varieties, there’s really something for everyone.

It’s a conversation starter. Craft beer lovers have one thing in common: they love to share their thoughts and opinions about their favorite brews….and we LOVE that. And really, what’s not to talk about? With so many varieties, the endless food-pairing possibilities and the kick-ass taste, you’ll have fodder for months to come. Plus, if you’re single, you’re sure to impress the dude or dudette you’ve had your eye on. It’s a win-win.

It tastes better. Ok, maybe this one should be at the top of the list. Or maybe the only reason. After all, why would someone waste their time, money and taste buds on some crummy, assembly-line, watered down brew when they could have a full-bodied, carefully brewed and perfectly balanced craft beer? Seriously….we’re legitimately curious.

So, now that you know the reasons why craft beer is better, do us a favor and share this article to let all your friends in on the truth (it’s the right thing to do). And check out our new Beer Finder 2.0 to find out where you can grab some Dudes’ Brew craft beer to enjoy tonight. Cheers!