Aug. 28, 2019, 8:26 a.m.
5 Best Free Things To Do in Torrance-CA

Whether you are vacationing in Torrance, California, or you live here, having something fun yet free to do is a great way to spend the day. With the money saved, you can top off an already-great day with a visit to our microbrewery in Torrance. Here are five of our best picks for free things to do in Torrance before you end the day with a cool craft beer.

1. The Beaches

The beaches are located in and all around Torrance, California. You can take a whole day of it if not longer wandering around on the beaches, surfing, chasing waves or whatever your heart desires. The beaches are well-known and are both beautiful and clean. It's a great way to escape all your worries as you breathe in that saltwater air.

2. The Parks

Parks are a great place to enjoy a stroll, a nice picnic or a game of frisbee with the kids or the dog. At Wilson Park, there is everything from horseshoes to volleyball in addition to a great playground and splash pad for young kids. You can also expect special events throughout the season, including art events and a farmers market. At the Madrona Marsh Preserve, you can experience one of the last vernal marshes in southern California. Here you can see plenty of amazing plants and wildlife.

3. Del Amo Fashion Center

If you are all hiked-out and just want some fun inside where it's cool, then the Del Amo Fashion Center is a great place to lounge around or do some window shopping. The mall is huge with just about any store you can imagine. It's modern and full of neat things to see. If you want to purchase something, then that's your choice, but it is just as fun to go here for a few hours and browse.

4. Chen Art Gallery

This art gallery is right in the middle of Torrance and has some hidden treasures you would not have known about, but for coming to this museum. The gallery is full of Asian art, including Chinese furniture, Buddhist sculptures, and other artifacts that represent over 5000 years of Chinese history. But Chinese art isn't all you will see. There are a bit of British and French artifacts within the collection as well!

5. Discover Old Torrance

Old Torrance includes a bit of everything, from window shopping to walking in a cute, trendy area to people watching. There are plenty of local shops to visit, including arts and crafts to admire. If you are looking for an afternoon out but with no specific plans, then this may be the place to head to while in Torrance, California.

Then, after you have enjoyed a fun free thing or two, visit our Torrance tap room to delight in great conversation over a nice, cool beverage like famous Torrance craft brewery and some snacks. Afterward, head out to find another fun free thing to do in Torrance, California.

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