Aug. 28, 2019, 7:49 a.m.
5 Best Free Things To Do Around The Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the most iconic beachside destinations in the area, which is really saying something in L.A. The Pier draws in many thousands of visitors every day. There are many things to do near the Santa Monica Pier, as anyone who has visited this area will know. It may seem like , most of the cool stuff near the Pier is expensive. However, there are some pretty cool things to do in the area, . you just have to know where to look for them. Well, you're in luck. We know exactly where to look, and we've shared 5 of the best free things to do near the Santa Monica Pier below. At the end of the day, chill out at our Santa Monica microbrewery and restaurant for an extensive collection of santa monica brewery with food such as craft beers, pizza, appetizers and more.

1. Go For A Bike Ride

Santa Monica is known for being a great place for cyclists, and this is especially true of the area around the pier. Nearly all of the major streets in this area have safe, clearly marked bike lanes. You can go for a lively bike ride with the beautiful Pacific Ocean in the background and get plenty of exercise while breathing in the fresh sea air. You can even bike along the Marvin Braude Bike trail all the way from the Pacific Palisades down to Torrance.

2. Find Cool Places To Take Selfies

If you love posting selfies on Instagram, the Santa Monica Pier is one of the premier destinations in L.A. You can take a cool selfie with the ocean in the background that is sure to get plenty of buzz on social media. Some expert selfie takers like to come at sunset or sunrise and snap the pic with beautiful sky and ocean in the background. And if selfies are not your thing, you can get some pretty cool non selfie photos too!

3. Enjoy Some Of The Best People Watching In L.A.

There are a lot of interesting people in L.A., and they seem to congregate around the Santa Monica Pier. If you're looking for a free, low key way to relax and take in the scenery, if you will, simply take up a perch near the pier and do some people watching. While there are many good places in L.A. for this, the Santa Monica Pier is arguably one of the best.

4. Check Out The Buskers

Concert tickets are really expensive, especially in L.A. Thankfully, the Santa Monica Pier and the surrounding 3rd Street Promenade has plenty of free entertainment. There are many buskers in the area that play their music in public areas for tips. You don't have to give them tips if you don't want to, but why not throw a busker a few bucks if you really enjoy their performance?

5. Cool off on the splash pad at Tongva Park

This six acre urban oasis has 4 main sections: Observation Hill, Discovery Hill, Garden Hill, and Gathering Hill. Tongva Park name originates from the traditions and culture of the indigenous Tongva people that hail from the Santa Monica region thousands of years ago. The Tongva people were well connected to the original native landscape, arroyos, natural springs, and the 'breath of the ocean' that is well represented in this park. You’ll find the splash pad centrally located.

After a fun day enjoying the best free things in the Santa Monica Pier area, refresh and refuel at our brewery restaurant, The Dudes’ Brewing Company. You can enjoy an extensive collection of craft beers along with our tasty small bites and pizza menu while you watch the sunset from our patio.

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