8 Reasons Why Craft Beer Awesome Can

  • February 8, 2019
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Canned Craft beer

For many years there’s been a sort of stigma against craft beer that comes in a can. Why? Who knows? After all, they ultimately serve the same purpose as a bottle, don’t they? At The Dudes’ Brewing Company, we’re trying to change this negative opinion and help others to embrace the can as an excellent vehicle for delivering delicious craft beer from the tank to your lips. That said, let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons why craft beer is awesome in a can.

  • They’re lightweight. This makes them much easier to bring along with you on a hike, trip to the beach (if permitted) or to bring to a picnic.

  • They’re durable and don’t shatter. We’ve all had an encounter with the dreaded sign “No Glass Containers Allowed” and think, man….what am I going to do with my beer? Cans are awesome because they don’t shatter, so they’re welcome at many more locations than their glass counterparts.

  • Cans have less space for head. The less oxygen that can seep into a container of beer, the less likely it is to spoil.

  • They block outside light. We don’t know of anyone who likes a skunky beer, something that can be caused in part by light. Because cans are impervious to outside light, they’re great for keeping their contents fresh.

  • They’re lighter to ship. The less money it costs a distributor to ship their product, the more affordable it’ll be for you. You’re welcome, dudes.

  • They’re good for the environment. Beer cans are made up of more than 50% of recycled material. Additionally, they use much less energy and can be recycled and reused continuously without losing their quality. So, they’re like the gift that keeps on giving….especially when they contain craft beer.

  • Canned beer chills faster. It’s happened to all of us – you get low on beer at a party or BBQ and need to go on a beer run. What do you do? You buy cans and throw them in the cooler or fridge and the beer is ready to drink faster than if you had bought bottles. Crisis averted. Party saved.

  • Last but not least, there’s more beer! That’s right, our cans give you a full pint of beer. That’s 16 ounces of deliciousness that you can’t get in most beer bottles.

Of course, we love our growlers just like you do, but keep in mind, the next time your buddy turns up his nose at your can of craft beer, you’ll have plenty of reasons to defend your choice and hopefully convince him otherwise. Cheers!Speaking of canned craft beer, did you know we have crowlers at the tasting room? You can also now look up where you can buy cans of your favorite Dudes’ Brew. Check out our new and improved Beer Finder!

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