Our Donation Program

The Dudes’ Brewing Company has long believed that that to be successful we must be part of the overall community. We take pride in partnering with and giving back to the community through charitable donations and volunteer work and are glad to donate beer to help with fundraising efforts of nonprofit organizations. To make a donation request please submit the online request at least 30 days prior to your event. It may take us up to two weeks to respond. Please note that due to budget restrictions, not all donations that fall within our guidelines will be approved. Please refer to the FAQ section on donations below prior to filling out the request form. Cheers!

Q: Can you donate beer to my organization if we don’t have a 501c3 or 501c6 tax ID number?
A: No. Unfortunately, the California Alcohol and Beverage Control requires that all beer donations be made to tax exempt organizations. 

Q: Can you donate merchandise and/or gift cards for my silent auction or event? 
A: No. Unfortunately, the current California law does not allow for the donation of merchandise and gift cards.      

Q: Do I need a license to sell donated beer at my event?
A: Yes, the state of California requires that non-profits obtain a 1-day permit license to sell alcoholic beverages. We will require a copy of the license for all events. Organizations must supply the following: cups, ice, table, signage and volunteers to pour beer. If you are not selling beer at your event but rather giving it away at a private event, then a permit is not required.

Q: Can you deliver the beer to my event?
A: In most cases the beer will need to be picked up at one of our locations. 

Q: What if my donation is denied, can I still get beer from you?
A: Yes! We do offer a discounted purchase program for all nonprofits as long as they meet the legal requirements.  

Dough Dough Donations!

Please be aware that as a brewery, we are obligated to respect ALL California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Laws.
A nonprofit organization is required to furnish proof of a daily license from the ABC prior to its event.

Donation Request Form

Inventory Needs

Do you have ice?
Do you have cups?
Do you have tents?
Do you have chairs?
Do you have a table?
Do you have a beertender?
Do you have a budget for beer?

Legal Details

Do you plan to obtain a TYPE 221 ABC special daily license in the name of the non-profit the event is benefiting?
Will we need a Certificate of Insurance?

Your Contact Info

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